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L&T Air Circuit Breakers

  • Comprehensive range: 400A to 6300A
  • Ics=lcu=lcw for complete selectivity
  • Proven track record of over 30 years with 250,000 installations
  • Elegant design and rugged construction
  • Unique pole design for bounce free operation
  • High mechanical and electrical life
  • Optimally compact ACBs with adequate terminal capacity and low temperature rise
  • Suitable for direct termination of aluminum links
  • Distinct ‘maintenance’ position in draw-out ACBs
  • Common depth and height up to 4000 A
  • In-built mechanical anti-pumping feature
  • ( є marking for C & H range of ACBs

Protection & Control Units for C-Power

Comprehensive range of microprocessor based protection and control units with true-RMS sensing, self-Powered protections, fault annunciation & communication capabilities

SR61 C – Communication capable Protection and control units with current metering, faulthistory and zone selective interlocking

SR21i – Over current and earth fault protection with zone selective interlocking

SR 18/18G – Practical all round solution with over current and earth fault protections


Also Available

Thermo magnetic protection and control unit DN1 and solid state protection and control unit SR15G


  • 400A to 6300A in four optimized frame sizes
  • Standard 100% neutral rating. 50% and 200% neutral ratings also available
  • Unique arc chute interlock prevents breaker closing when arc chute is missing
  • Smart racking shutter ensures total safety in racking operations
  • Unique pole design ensures energy saving through low watt loss
  • Common height and depth across the range
  • Display of complete accessory information on front facia
  • Tool-less fixing of voltmetric releases
  • Suitable for direct termination of aluminum links
  • Independent locking of ON/OFF buttons
  • Optimally compact dimensions, without sacrificing termination area

Protection & Control Units for U-Power

  • Comprehensive range of micro-controller based protection and control units
  • Real-time on-line graphical representation of protection characteristics on high resolution LCD display
  • Basic protections independent of external Power supply
  • Additional protections for voltage variation, frequency variation, undercurrent, reverse Power, temperature rise, earth leakage and restricted earth fault
  • Event recording and fault history
  • Metering of current, voltage, Power, energy, frequency and Power factor
  • Communication capable on MODBUS protocol
  • Trip circuit supervision
  • Two storable settings

Com Manager TM

  • Comprehensive solution for protection and Power management
  • Controls up to 32 devices on MODBUS protocol, extendable to 256 devices
  • Customized single line diagram of Power system
  • Integrates all communicable L& T products viz. ACB’s, MCCB’s and meters . Intuitive windows based graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Remote real-time monitoring and data acquisition
  • Comprehensive reporting and alarm management
  • Real-time and historical trending
  • Multi-level password protection
Com Manager TM